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Bus to Chicago


 Busdog customers are the BEST.

It was a cold and windy trip on the way back to SIU but we all made it safe and sound and ready for all the new adventures to be had here at SIU!


HAPPY NEW YEAR and a Happy New Semester to everyone!

Many of the spring semester trips have been posted.

There are no seats left for Valentines Day. There are a lot of seats left for Spring Break and the Easter Weekend at $89 round trip!


Hello, and welcome to Here's how it all works.

The Bus to Chicago leaves Carbondale on 25 different WEEKENDS each year. We depart at 2:15pm from Thompson Point, 2:30pm from Lot 45 between the Towers and the Rec Center.


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NORTHWEST EXPRESS Arrives in Monee at 7:40pm at the BP Station off exit 335. Elmhurst at the Firestone Dealership on York Rd at 8:30pm and the Firestone Dealership off Golf Road on the north side of the Woodfield Mall by 9:30pm.

CHICAGO DIRECT   Arrives in Monee at 7:40pm at the BP Station off exit 335. 95/Dan Ryan at the Citgo Station on State Street by 8:30 and Union Station on the Canal Street Side by 9pm.

SUPER COMBINATION SPECIAL: arrives in Monee (Exit 335 at the BP Station),by 7:40pm, the Citgo station at 95th and Dan Ryan by 8:05pm and Union Station on Canal St., by 8:20pm and the Wendy's at 1750 Higgins Rd on the southside of the Woodfield Mall Property. by 9:00pm.

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