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Select a departure date for your trip.


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Agree to our rules, checkout, and have a good trip.


Delivery / Refund Policy

Ticket Delivery Information

You will receive your tickets through email confirmation after the checkout process on our website. The email will be delivered to the email address you provided during checkout, with a link to a personalized web page where you can print out your tickets.

Multiple quantity ticket purchases will provide one ticket page to print out. These tickets can be printed as many times as you need, in case of a damaged or lost ticket.

Hard copy tickets that were not purchased or won ONLINE are not replacable. They are like cash so put your name on them as soon as you buy them.

The bus driver will check and verify your tickets on arrival. We suggest you bring a photo ID to verify you are in fact the ticket holder / purchaser. Tickets that are NOT purchased by the passenger will have the name of the debit/credit card owner on them. DON'T WORRY! IF YOU LOSE OR FORGET YOUR TICKET...THE BUS DRIVERS HAVE A PASSENGER LIST AND ALL THE PASSENGER NEEDS TO KNOW IS WHO BOUGHT THE TICKET.                                       Please call 618-521-5207 for questions regarding ticket distribution.

There are no "one way" tickets sold. For a "one way" purchase you must call and ask if the bus has any space and only then you can travel. Because the website does not have the capacity to accept payments for a "one way" ticket you must have the exact amount ($50) and buy the ticket from the driver who will have your name and reservation at the place you buy the "one way" fare. You must have exact money. Drivers do not carry cash. Make sure you get a cancelled ticket.

Round trip tickets are only good for the weekend purchased. This keeps us from over-selling any return trip. You can buy as many round trips as you want, one at a time.


NO REFUNDS!   We'll issue credit for another trip on another date. Please cancel your reservations more than 24 hours before the date and time of travel. This way, we can resell your ticket if we have a "stand-by" list working.