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Charter Information

Need a charter option in Carbondale and the surrounding area? The Bus to Chicago does just that. On 25 weekends and vacation holidays we go to Chicago. However, that leaves 27 weekends and most week days when you can rent one for charter. Well behaved groups going to exciting events far and wide are more than welcome.

Bus To Chicago is a great choice for short, local operations and shuttles because we're a local company. Consider us for weddings, parties, ballgames, corporate outings and charter stuff you never thought a bus company might do. When possible, we can go anywhere the roads will take us. Consider us for long distance charters as well.
Charter mileage rate: Depends on the total miles and time spent.
Chartering groups pay for the driver's room and $25/day for meals when over the road.
Checks, credit paper and cash are accepted for established groups with prior approval.

For standard weekend trips to any stop in Chicago, buy 25 tickets or more, on the same bus and get even bigger savings! Group sales might even work as a great  fund-raiser for your organization.


Charter and group sales only